On a Mission
to Save Lives

SaverOne protects drivers
from accidents caused by cell
phone use

Our Story

It all began in 2014, when insurance expert and one of SaverOne’s founders, Ami Gur, read an article about the catastrophic impact on the road toll and associated injuries due to distracted driving as a result of cell phone use. Ami wondered why he couldn’t develop a solution) to completely eliminate the phenomenon of traffic accidents caused by life-threatening use of cell phones.

Following extensive research and the writing of a position paper that included the idea behind the solution and the financial model, the spark for the new life-saving company was ignited.

Ami teamed up with Yossi Cohen, a senior manager at one of Israel’s largest telecommunications companies, in order to build a solution that would significantly reduce traffic accidents caused by cell phones in Israel and throughout the world. The result was a life-saving solution that prevents physical and property damage, generates significant monetary and resource savings, and creates a safer driving culture.

SaverOne was founded, and the rest is history.

Company Management

Jacob Tenenboem

Chairman of the board Jacob has decades of experience in management, entrepreneurship, and investment in high-tech and venture capital. He has led a great number of startups to professional and financial success.

Yossi Cohen

Founder and Chief Operations Officer A seasoned executive with over two decades of leading global operations in the high-tech arena, Yossi has a wealth of experience leading business, operational and technology activities in the global market in the communications and high-tech sectors.

Ori Gilboa

Chief Executive Officer Ori has extensive experience in managing companies with large scope of activity in the automotive and retail industry. These roles included serving as CEO of the auto division of Meir Group, CEO of James Richardson, and CEO of the Negev Group.

Aviram Meidan

Vice President, Research & Development Aviram has over 20 years’ experience developing multidisciplinary systems and leading development teams in communications and interaction with the automotive industry.