Ensure Safe Driving .

SaverOne is the only system in the world that prevents cell phone distractions while driving.

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On a mission to save lives

Cellular distraction is the leading cause of road accidents worldwide. While most existing safety measures focus on reducing damage, warning of a risk to an accident, or correcting driver errors, SaverOne pre-tampers the distraction.

Drivers stay focused on the road and return home safely
Organizations benefit from increased employee safety during and after business hours, enhanced reputation, lower maintenance costs and lower expenses
Reducing the global number of fatal accidents will bring safer trips on the roads for all

Ensure your employee's safety while driving

$ 0 M
Average settlement cost for a fatal accident involving a commercial fleet driver
$ 0 B+
Total economic costs of traffic accidents in the U.S. each year
0 M
Annual traffic fatalities worldwide
$ 0 B+
Amount distracted driving costs employers

Full protection in 4 steps

SaverOne system Automatically locates the mobile device in the driver’sarea
The system creates a "safe area" and prevents the use of distracting applications while driving
The protection device connects to the SaverOne application and activates the protection layer
if the system detects that the phone is disconnected from the protection system, an alarm will sound.

Want to know more?

Activated automatically

Immediately neutralizes the distraction

Operates only in the driver area

passengers’ phones will not be affected

Allows controlled use

calls and navigation applications are allowed

Flexible for the organization’s needs

Dynamic authorization of permitted applications by the fleet manager in accordance with the organization’s safety policy

Together we can build a Safer road for a better World

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