Blocking Texts.
Saving Lives.

SaverOne is the world’s first system providing an effective solution for cell phone distracted driving

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SaverOne disables the use of life-threatening apps while driving.

0 Million Car Accidents

caused by cell phone use
while driving

100000 Injuries

resulted from cell phone distraction

500 Deaths

due to driver ⬄ cell phone interaction

Annual stats in the US

סייברוואן מערכת

SaverOne blocks texting, notifications, and web browsing while driving. The system is concealed and is activated automatically upon car entry.

Our innovative solution consists of 3 components:

Control unit 
identifies and monitors smartphones in the driver’s area

Smartphone app 
Safemode is automatically activated once a phone is detected in the driver’s area

Cloud services 
provides central system management capabilities, control, and data collection

SaverOne is the only protection system that doesn’t require driver cooperation, allowing other passengers to use their phones unimpeded.


the system is automatically activated upon entering the car

Affects only the driver's area

other passengers’ phones are not affected

Enables controlled use

phone calls and navigation apps remain active

Flexible protection policy

dynamic app authorization based on the company’s safety policy

How does SaverOne system work?

מערת למניעת תאונות דרכים

Cell phone detection

Upon entering the car, SaverOne identifies the driver’s cell phone.

סייבר וואן אפליקציה

Cellphone connection

The system connects to the SaverOne app and sets the phone to Safemode. Life-threatening apps, including text messages, are blocked while driving.

Protecting the driver and passengers

SaverOne creates a safe zone, allowing the driver to focus on driving free of distractions. When the vehicle stops, the phone automatically reverts to regular operation.

You’re in Good Company

Together for Undistracted Driving

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