ADAS Sensor Solution

Advanced ADAS Sensor for VRU Localization

SaverOne’s RF ADAS sensor elevates users’ safety to new heights. Its superior ability to navigate non-line-of-sight (NLoS) scenarios, as well as adverse weather conditions, enhances the existing ADAS sensor by providing additional inputs to the sensor fusion ECU. This, in turn, empowers more informed decision-making, resulting in fewer accidents and a safer driving environment.

With seamless integration into the vehicle, SaverOne’s RF ADAS sensor delivers exceptional driving experience, enhancing overall safety for everyone on the road.

Pedestrian fatalities in urban environments are on the rise

VRUs account for 70% of deaths in urban accidents

One pedestrian is killed every two hours

Pedestrian fatalities increased by 13% in 2021

Overcoming Barriers in the Urban Environment

The SaverOne system enables the detection and localization of VRUs even in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and adverse weather conditions, where RADAR, LiDAR, and camera systems fail or perform poorly. Our RF ADAS sensor monitors VRU cellphones and triggers an alert when a potential collision is calculated.

VRU in between two cars

The VRUP system alerts the driver when a pedestrian is approaching between two parked cars

VRU in crosswalk around the corner

The VRUP system alerts the driver of nearby VRUs crossing the street around corners

Our Comprehensive ADAS Architecture

Various sensing elements:
Image, Radar, LiDAR, RF

ADAS ECU (sensing processors): Processes sensor data and provides detection and identification of objects (e.g., VRUs).

Decision processor: Processes the MPU (Map Positioning Unit ) and sensor’s data, and makes driving decisions.

Key Features

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