1 out of 4 vehicle accidents are linked to mobile device usage

Distracted driving, especially due to cell phones, presents challenges and costs for the automotive market.

Financial Impact

Fleets face potential financial repercussions from distracted driving incidents. This includes expenses tied to vehicle down time, legal battles, litigation, and insurance premiums.

Legal Concerns

Growing concerns about distracted driving expose fleets to legal risks. Lawsuits and settlements could lead to significant financial burden.

Reputation Damage

Businesses risk reputation damage if linked to distracted driving incidents. Negative public perception can curtail sales, market share, and brand trust.

Insurance Costs

The elevated distracted driving risk may raise insurance premiums for businesses, affecting their margins.

To effectively mitigate these costs and challenges, companies must place a premium on safety, and develop innovative, distraction-minimizing solutions which contribute to a safer driving experience.

Our in cabin solution addresses distracted driving in real time

SaverOne offers a complete solution to stop drivers from texting while driving by:

Automatically identifying which phone belongs to the driver

Distinguishing dangerous applications, like texting and social media, from non-dangerous ones, like navigation

Keeping the driver’s phone blocked while the vehicle is in motion

Enabling fleet managers to decide which apps driver can access

Our in-cabin DDP solution is a perfect fit for various markets:

Fleet Managers

itigate costly accidents with improved driving behaviour

Public Transportation

Prevents costly, dangerous accidents associated with busses, trains and other transit fleets

Private Vehicle

Increased confidence for families with young adult driver

Discover how our in-cabin driver safety solution can benefit your business and your drivers.

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