Safe mobility is on everyone’s agenda

Major players in the automotive space (OEMs, car manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive integrators) are increasingly prioritizing safety enhancements in their vehicles. This shift reflects a profound commitment to improving both the driving experience and overall road safety.

Governments and safety agencies globally are exerting a proactive and progressive influence towards enhancing road safety.

Initiatives like Vision Zero and New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) have created greater consumer awareness of the effectiveness of Advanced Safety Systems.

Automotive organizations around the world are leading the evolution from occupant protection to the inclusion of collision avoidance features as part of the rating system.

Car manufacturers are incorporating enhanced safety features into the vehicles they produce.

Cities are dangerous for VRUs. Detecting VRUs in NLoS and adverse weather is a challenge for existing automotive sensors.


of vehicle crashes annually are due to adverse weather conditions


of weather-related accidents are caused by rain


of pedestrian deaths occure during dark lighting

SaverOne RF ADAS sensor would would play a crucial role in preventing these accidents altogether.

SaverOne ADAS sensor detects VRUs based on RF footprint using signal processing and AI.
This solution:

  • Is integrated within the vehicle enhancing the car ADAS architecture
  • Detects the signals of nearby cellphones, calculating their location, speed and direction of movement
  • Sends the data to the ADAS processor, that processes the data from the various sensors and provides detection and identification of objects
  • The signal is then sent to the decision processor, that processes the sensor’s data and the data from the MPU (Map Positioning Unit), and makes driving decisions

RF sensor technology main advantages:


Performance in Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS)


No degradation in sever weather conditions


Detecting distracted pedestrians

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