In-Cabin Solution

SaverOne In-Cabin DDPS – One Product, Many Advantages

A complete in-cabin driver safety solution, designed to combat distracted driving by identifying and monitoring cell phones located in the driver’s vicinity and selectively blocking life-threatening applications.

How it works



Driver-Area Mobile Recognition

SaverOne activates only when driving, and automatically detects all mobile devices operating in the driver’s zone



Establish Connection

SaverOne’s system recognizes the device within the driver’s zone then automatically connects it to the SaverOne app




Vehicle is

SaverOne prevents the use of distracting apps. When stopped, full functionality returns



Alarm is

If the system cannot connect to the SaverOne app, an alarm is activated, reminding the driver to reconnect

See how our fleet safety solution can help you improve unsafe and risky driving behavior

caused by the use of cell phones while driving:

Operational advantages

The system is activated only when driving; when the vehicle stops, the driver regains full access to his cellphone.

The system differentiates between driver & passenger and blocks only the driver’s cellphone.

Organizational advantages

Financial savings on injuries and damages

Social accountability

Improving employee’s safety

Driver rating and recommendations for improvements

Management tools

Control panel, providing monitoring of real-time use and advanced statistics

Analysis of driver behavior, including real-time alerts

Ability to integrate with fleet management systems

Synergy and integration with existing telematics systems

System Elements

Cloud services

User-friendly interface and advanced analytics capabilities make it easy to track and analyze fleet performance, enabling data-driven decisions

Control unit

Upon entering the vehicle, the system scans all the phones, identifies which ones are in the driver’s area and connects to them

Mobile app

When phones are detected in the driver’s area, the app enters safe mode automatically to prevent the use of life-threatening applications

System Features

Supports up to 5 cellphones in the vehicle and up to 3 connected to the system

Triggers an alarm when the system finds an unconnected phone located in the driver’s area

Blocks the driver’s incoming messages while driving and sends out an automatic text-response

Full support of Android and iOS phones

Seamless over-the-air software updates

Our fleet safety solution is designed to encourage safer driving and manage fleet risk by addressing distracted driving in real time, and helping drivers to recognize and correct unsafe driving behaviors before they lead to accidents.

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