Who we are

Founded in 2014 with a mission to make roads safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike, SaverOne develops cellular network-based technological solutions for reducing road accidents. 

Our innovative system for identifying and limiting the use of certain apps on mobile devices while operating a vehicle has already been widely adopted by dozens of companies in Israel.

SaverOne is also developing an additional system that can detect and warn the driver of VRU’s (Vulnerable Road Users and pedestrians) crossing when the driver’s field of vision is extremely limited. This system is currently in advanced stages of development.

Located in Israel, the company currently employs over 40 employees in its research and development, sales, business, operations, and support departments. Traded on NASDAQ 

Traded on NASDAQ since 2020 (TASE: SVRE Nasdaq: SVRE*)

SaverOne’s product portfolio addresses two main automotive segments:

  • After-market segment: protecting existing cars, trucks, and buses; working with vehicle fleets.
  • Pre-Market OEM segment: integrating SaverOne’s Protection technology in the vehicle assembly line.

Up-to-date numbers best illustrate this

$ 0 M
Average settlement cost for a fatal accident involving a commercial fleet driver
$ 0 B+
Total economic costs of traffic accidents in the U.S. each year
0 M
Annual traffic fatalities worldwide
$ 0 B+
Amount distracted driving costs employers

Distraction from cell phone use is not a matter of fate. We came to change that.

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