One billion $ precedent ruling against two trucking companies…

December 26, 2021
...for involvement in a road accident and accidental homicide

Law enforcement is toughening its actions against distracted driving. Recent court ruling sets a precedent for the penalty against cell phone use while driving. The unusual verdict is evident in the scope of the punishment and in the special attention given to the increasing phenomenon of cellphone use while driving. Is this going to be an effective move to eradicate driving while distracted (DWD)?

In recent years, Distracted driving has become a leading factor in many road accidents. When it comes to heavy vehicles, the danger is even greater.A precedent-setting ruling was recently issued in Jacksonville, USA, requiring two trucking companies to pay one billion dollars to the parents of an 18-year-old student killed in an accident involving two trucks. Investigators determined that one truck driver was distracted by his cellphone and failed to stop. The 18 years old student, Connor Dzion, was driving home from his girlfriend’s apartment and was fatally injured. Although the ruling stated that the criminal responsibility rests with the two trucking companies, the trucking company that received heavier penalties was the one that didn’t ban using mobile phones while driving. This trial clarifies the necessity of eradicating the use of mobile in distracting driving applications and the need for advanced technology to help us do that. SaverOne has an innovative solution that paves the way for safe driving.

Hooked to the phone

We are all familiar with the temptations of our mobile devices, and not only during driving. It is challenging to part from it, and there is always something vital we need our phone to do for us. It winks at us, hums, updates, and sends countless notifications a day. But when it comes to driving, the distraction can become a life-threatening event.

The digital revolution has made us all hooked to knowledge, attached to messages and emails almost non-stop, and we feel we need to be available at all times. But there is one time we must be focused on one thing – when we are on the road. When it comes to heavy vehicles, the danger is even greater. When a vessel weighing 10 to 15 tons collides in a private car and certainly with a pedestrian, there is not much chance to evade injury. The growing phenomenon of road accidents caused by distraction in general, and mobile distraction in particular, raises the need for a complete solution to reduce mobile use and increase focused driving. Since it is difficult for us to leave the phone, we need a technology that works for us.

A smart solution that works for everyone

We used to see trucks mainly on state routes. But today, heavy vehicles are also integrated in Israel into the crowded urban environment – multiple urban renewal projects, alongside the Gush Dan Light Rail Transit project, have made trucks an integral part of the urban landscape. Today, we all come across trucks, whether driving a private vehicle or riding a bike and scooter.

Truck drivers also face a built-in difficulty. Many spend long hours on the road in non-routine hours. Apart from fatigue, boredom is an integral part of the job. Of course, it is challenging to keep your eyes on the road for 10 to 12 hours, but at the same time, the driver’s concentration is crucial in reducing incidents on the road.

The Florida court also addressed this and ruled that the best solution is to make sure the eyes are solely on the road when we drive. But how can this be done with the everyday digital temptations?

SaverOne offers the best solution for reducing accidents due to distractions caused by the cellphone. The company developed a smart system that detects applications that endanger us while driving and disables them until we safely park. The system works on masking applications while driving and knows to identify the driver’s location and allow other passengers to use the mobile.

SaverOne's masking technology is embedded in the vehicle and is Activated

 automatically when the ride begins. The system freezes messaging, games, and news apps and only allows phone calls, navigation, or music apps. Everything that helps us drive with complete confidence.

Join the world of safe driving with SaverOne: the smart system that ensures safe driving.